Terms and Conditions

For customers who have not explicitly stated the tacit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions CyberGlobalNet company, to make the payment for any services hired or withdrawal of a team, make tacit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below note:

Domain Name:
CyberGlobalNet is a reseller of domain name registration for the company Tucows – OpenSRS, with operating since 2007 and has the seal of approval and validation as Tucows Authorized Reseller of Canada, however operates for other companies and institutions registers which acts as the registrar and / or reseller of TLD’s of countries and other companies.

CyberGlobalNet By registering your domain name is always the name of the client, in any case CyberGlobalNet name, which establishes the right of the client on the domain registered from the day and time in which it has been registered and expires on the same day and time elapsed the period for which it has been paid. After the date and time when the domain expires, the company register or CyberGlobalNet, has all the power – for Non-Payment – to block the domain and therefore access to the Web Site either changed the DNS is pointing to the domain or suspending access to the client Web Hosting could be hired. But the client does not lose the opportunity at that time to renew the domain. From that moment and for the next 15 days, CyberGlobalNet charged a penalty for late payment of renewal, equivalent to $ 10. – (Ten 00/100 U.S. Dollars), which corresponds well to the rehabilitation cost of the service. The rehabilitation of the service could take up to 48 hours in case this has been suspended. After 15 days and up to the end of the redemption period – depending on the principal register company could reach a maximum total of 40 days – the amount of the fine may be increased. After the time of redemption, CyberGlobalNet has no authority over the domain and the value that could cost a new record, this is left to the supply and demand of the market or the price the company who won the domain can be determined. In the best case for the client could return to the original price if the domain was released. CyberGlobalNet to request – in some cases – and payment for the service, will serve as Manager on auction companies or resale of domains.
To register a domain name the customer is required to provide the following information: Nombres1, Apellidos1, Organization or Company Name, Address1, City1, Country1, State, Zip, Phone1, Fax and Email electronics1. (Those marked with 1 are required). You can register different or similar data for the Domain Owner, Administrator, Head of Payment and Technical Manager. CyberGlobalNet usually recorded Technical Manager data with enterprise data CyberGlobalNet, this to provide its customers technical queries of others, fall directly on customers avoiding issues that could complicate with not knowing, providing Additional customer service. However the customer can register or apply to register the information they deem most suitable as technical. If the customer wants to have privacy in relation to recorded information must expressly ask at check in, or may do so at any time by writing an email to The term “Domain Owner”, the right of the customer to dispose of the domain name as the customer has paid and while this is in effect a client name, if the domain have expired or have stopped pay, the status of “Domain Owner” automatically lapse on the date and time of expiry of the domain.

The e-mail provided by the Customer in his record, becomes the means of liaison between CyberGlobalNet and client requests are not accepted Verdales, telephone or other than by e-mail and E-mail from the customer registered with the company to express instructions on your domain. Queries or requirement that may be issued from another e-mail client that has not been registered in the company, not be taken into account and the client can not alienate any claim against CyberGlobalNet. In case the client does not receive emails sent by CyberGlobalNet, Customer recommended revising tray Junk Mail or SPAM, to avoid loss of important e-mails CyberGlobalNet could send and were referred to one of these Folders.

The minimum period of registration of a domain name in a calendar year and the maximum is 10 years.
Only active Annual Automatic Renewal, if the customer provides a credit card number in force. All domains are configured by default the lock at the time of registration, to avoid transferring them to another company. If the client determines to transfer to another registrar, you must ask unlocking and Transfer Authorization Code. A newly registered domain is not possible to transfer up to 30 days after registration or can be transferred over the last 30 days before the expiration date.

The domain server generated by the usual number of notifications, they are automatically sent from the mail server domain that you have registered with the company, at 6 months of registration will receive an email requesting confirmation of your data, if your data have not changed do not need to respond to that email, if your answers have changed data showing changes to the relevant department to make the change for you. If you set a password to manage your domain, you yourself can make changes, at 9 months of registration, 90 days before the expiration of the domain, you will receive a notification email on first date Domain expiration, you can pay at the time to avoid service cuts, 60 days before the domain expires you will receive a second email notification on domain expiration date, you can pay at the time to avoid service cuts , 30 days before the expiry of the domain you receive a new email notification on the domain expiration date, you can pay at the time to avoid service cuts and finally, five days before the expiry of the domain you will receive another email notification about the expiration date of the domain, you must immediately contact our Customer Care Center (Call Center) to make immediate payment by phone with your credit card, if the deposit immediately in any of the account CyberGlobalNet Bank, or as a third option to make payment online from our website / payments. We caution you to make the payment as close to the expiration date does not guarantee continuity of service, it is likely that although the payment was made five days before the date expires, the service could be suspended for up to 48 hours, considering that not all credit cards services process a payment within 5 days and administration area CyberGlobalNet takes his time in the verification of payments, that without that requirement verification and authorization, it is possible to effect domain renewal.
CyberGlobalNet not responsible in case of loss of the domain name, if payment has not been made timely.

The official communication between CyberGlobalNet and customer is only by email.

When the Domain Name Service is granted for free by CyberGlobalNet, does not mean that the customer is exempt or excused from complying with all the rules of this document entitled Terms and Conditions, more on the contrary, to be a free product a certain period and accepted by the client, is required to observe and follow this rule.

Web Hosting:
Web Hosting means renting or hosting a given space for hosting files on a server, in this case that customer CyberGlobalNet rent for a specific period. The customer is obliged to make good use of space leased, and the tools that this service provides as, e-mail, FTP access, SSH access, cPanel, File Management in the Web Hosting, WHM access, Security Tools, Certifications SSL, Sub domain creation, configuration Addon Domains, Redirects, DNS, Databases, MySQL, phpMy Admin, Front Page Extensions, Applications such as Fantastic, Softaculous or others who may be available, Virus Scanning, Statistics, Landline and other tools that cPanel provides.

Web Hosting Service (Hosting) is usually organized by plans or packages that provide a certain space in Megabytes or Gigabytes and governed from a lower Plan is increased in space and features in the successive plans, migration of a lower plan to a higher plan is immediately, after verification of payment. If the customer wants to migrate from a higher to a lower plan and has paid the Plan until a certain date can not claim reimbursement for migration, in this case any advance payments you lose the client and can only be paid preferably changing the Plan from the date that corresponds to renew and expires Hosting service.
To register a Web Hosting customer is required to provide the following information: Name1, Apellido1, Organization or Company Name, Address1, City1, Country1, State, Zip, Phone1, Fax and Email electronics1. (Those marked with 1 are required). The geographical location CyberGlobalNet servers usually are in the United States or in Canada, however the company reserves the right CyberGlobalNet placing in the location it considers appropriate to their interests and the customer.

The average warranty is proven CyberGlobalNet of 99.50%, which means that in one year the maximum time that the server might be down – continuous or intermittent – 0.50% is equivalent to 43 hours per year. Outages for scheduled maintenance do not enter into the time accounted for CyberGlobalNet warranty. Situations beyond the control of CyberGlobalNet as DNS update on external servers, problems caused by the ISP (Internet Service Provider – Internet Service Provider) client, or others who have no connection with CyberGlobalNet, may not be considered as time outage by CyberGlobalNet. The time that the service remains cut off, does not generate or generate any financial reimbursement from customer CyberGlobalNet, if very specific considerations and, when the case – for reasons beyond the control of CyberGlobalNet – exceeded the 43 cutting hours per year, CyberGlobalNet could give some kind of non-cash compensation increase disk space on the server, providing a greater amount of e-mails or other options that the same customer may request and shall be subject to the approval of the executive of CyberGlobalNet. In any case the service cuts may be regarded as aggravating damages. that the client could sue against CyberGlobalNet.

The client agrees to maintain secure passwords on the server, in your e-e, as in cPanel, WHM, FTP, SSH, KVM and any access to it may grant, in addition to regularly change their passwords. Any income Hackers strict system is your responsibility, any cost cleaning scripts, injected or other files that could damage the account, the customer must pay for and assume any liability or damage this could cause to the server or Guests staying in it.

The system provides firewalls that block the IP of where they are trying to excessive access attempt, whether malicious or simple error, if this blocking occurs when client IP, this should contact making known IP and request his release. It is also possible for the client to send your IP to for it to be placed among the server IP insurance.

By creating the customer account, it receives information and access to cPanel as your e-mail username and password, this information is provisional and under no circumstances or for any reason the customer must maintain it, it is your duty to change passwords immediately for your safety and that of CyberGlobalNet, any problem changing passwords is not the sole responsibility of the customer. The client can request a reset of your password, as necessary to
When the customer requires a transfer service from your site to another server, this property is CyberGlobalNet or another company, the service will cost the customer be notified and may be accepted by CyberGlobalNet or not to make it, this depending server features to be migrated account or website.
Support service is only for problems with services granted by the server ie: e-mail and all its tools, FTP, cPanel, File Management in the Web Hosting, SSH, WHM, Security, SSL, Sub Domain, Domains Additional, Redirects, DNS, Databases, MySQL, phpMy Admin, Front Page Extensions, Applications such as Fantastic, Softaculous or others who may be available, Virus Scanning, Statistics, Landline and other tools that cPanel provides. The service is 24 hours a day, seven days a week by e-mail, where the customer must contact and should only be done from the email you have registered on the company’s time to hire the service. Inquiries or requests from other e-mail address will not be served and the mail could be rejected. The maximum response time for a support request is 24 hours.
CyberGlobalNet The company reserves the right to move from one server to another account of any customer, movements can be for safety, for growth of the account or benefit of better service to the customer, usually are scheduled in advance and communicated to the client, however there may be emergencies that the customer must accept because it is a situation that results or will result in mutual benefit of the customer and the company. All damage that could be generated in the removal or transfer of responsibility is CyberGlobalNet, who will replace the information as it was on the old server or place a previous backup (backup).
Landline: CyberGlobalNet reports that is prohibited by the client the use of scripts or programs for mass mailing, especially SPAM from Web Hosting accounts CyberGlobalNet rented since it affected the operation of the server from which order ships. Using accounts Mail List (Mailing List) granted by cPanel for customer use, can not be used to send SPAM, must comply with all the regulations and must be handled as Mailing or e-mailing, it is to send an e-mail in HTML, so that the reader receives in the form of a website, with a design of images, links, and the ability to stop receiving emails by clicking to automatically erased the database.
SPAM is the act of sending electronic messages (usually commercial) and unsolicited bulk quantities. Although you can do in various ways, the most used among the general public is email based. Other internet technologies that have been considered SPAM mails, or using other applications to the customer for bulk mailing, should be consulted to use and must be approved prior explicit be used.

Backups: The server usually has between two and three backups (backups) for different times up to 30 days depending on today’s date. These backups are called, Daily, Weekly and Monthly, if you have experienced any problems with files in your website, e-mail or FTP, the client can request that one of these copies is copied to your account provided when canceling the sum of $ 10. – (Ten 00/100 U.S. Dollars), for every time you request.

If the Provider Domain Name blocks access to Web Hosting for payment or other reason not generated between the Provider and the customer domain, is an issue that should be decided between them and in this case CyberGlobalNet as Web Hosting Provider, has no responsibility and in no case may be sued for breach of hosting service. In this and other cases correspond, acts independently CyberGlobalNet as Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider.

Through the E-mail provided by the Customer at the time of registration for Web Hosting service is constitutes the link between CyberGlobalNet and client requests are not accepted verbal, telephone or other non-mail- e and from e-mail client that registered with the company. Queries or requirement that may be issued from another e-mail that has not been registered in the company, customer safety, not be taken into account and the client can not alienate any claim against CyberGlobalNet. If you do not receive e-mails sent by CyberGlobalNet, Customer recommended revising tray Junk Mail or SPAM to avoid loss of email you could send CyberGlobalNet and were referred to one of those folders.

The minimum period of registration of a Web Hosting is the calendar year and the maximum is 10 years. Only active Annual Automatic Renewal of Hosting service, if the customer provides a credit card number in force.

When Web Hosting service is given free by CyberGlobalNet, does not mean that the customer is exempt or excused from complying with all the rules of this document entitled Terms and Conditions, but on the contrary, being a free product for certain period, is required to observe and follow this rule.

Virus, Malware and other: viruses, malware, and others that may be implemented in the client’s account on the server are the sole responsibility of the customer, Hackers access to customer account passwords may be due to poor or low security the customer places his account cPanel, FTP, WHM or e-e, so it is the responsibility of the customer to place passwords using capital and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols such as $, *,% &, ^, #, + and others, and change them regularly. This significantly reduces the possibility of a raid by a hacker to the server. The client must periodically run the antivirus installed on your cPanel (Advanced / Virus Scanner) and placed in quarantine or delete the files identified as infected. This action can also be requested from on a weekly or when required urgently.

Forms Web sites: When the Customer contracts or design service Web development necessarily must request that the assurances necessary to put robots or scripts that do not misuse them. A captcha code is at least the level of security you should look into a system.
Service Maturity: If the Web Hosting service expires, the client can not apply for renewal no change of plan until it has been canceled, once carried out the renovation and up to one month before the next due date, the customer may request a change of plan. No refund in the event that the change is to a lower plan.
Development, Installation, Configuration and Web Site Design.

CyberGlobalNet is producer and developer Web design Web platforms. In most of his designs works based Web CMS (Content Manager Systems – Content Management Systems) which allow the customer, once finalized work, managing Web site content.

To request Web design or Web development client is required to provide the following information: Name1, Apellido1, Organization or Company Name, Address1, City1, Country1, State, Zip, Phone1, Fax and Email electronics1, those indicated with 1 are mandatory.

A website usually consists of: Pages or Articles, a logo type identification of the company or organization, developed in Flash animations, photo slide show parameterized modules, components or extensions, plugins, forms, wrappers, all in their different varieties and features that the client hires the time of Work Order.

The customer must choose when to hire a pre service for your website design, the same that will be installed on the CMS. If the choice is left to the discretion of the company then you can not generate any claim.

The pages or items are limited to 500 words content, 10 photos or video, if a page content exceeds this number to double, is counted as two pages and so on, each page or article has individualized its price in the price list. Only content that is not photos and / or videos, which are only text, the number of words per page can be up to 5000 words, if it exceeds that amount of words applied to twice the value of two pages and so on.

Once established this Task Order must be paid in full by the client, from that date the client can take the time it deems appropriate for the delivery of materials or Web site content. There is no time limit for delivery of the material or content from the client, CyberGlobalNet develop the website and a long period has elapsed between the contract date and the delivery of the material or content. Only, if it is a too long time and there had been a change in prices and the amount paid by the customer that contracted the service is less than the current amount in the price list, CyberGlobalNet require before developing the product, the client cancels the difference between the contract price and the price in effect at the time of writing the website or web development. This recalculation does not apply, if the elapsed time is three months or less which could produce a change in the price list.

Working system: Once the client has delivered the materials or content for your site or development of Web development, ignores the time that would have been offered in the Pro-Form, Quote or supply of the product that had been identified by written by CyberGlobalNet Sales Executive. Elapsed this time the client will receive, in the email you have registered with the company, a notice for review of your website is already online. From that moment the customer has 30 days to send by e-mail, corrections, changes and additions, all of which must cover issues of form, but not substance, with the understanding that when starting the development of the site Web or Web development, defined as the product details pre design, colors, positions of the modules, components to be used, etc.. CyberGlobalNet Once received the mail with the corrections, scheduled for the next five days the above corrections are made, making adjustments completed the customer will be notified for the last time for a final review of the content, giving you the opportunity to send a new email with changes or corrections. Finalized this step, and not the 30 days have elapsed, with the understanding that the company gives two options for review and correction, the work order is closed by CyberGlobalNet with the following consequences: Once the work order is closed, accesses are blocked technicians who worked on the production of the website, any re opening of a Work Order must be prepaid. No elaborate work on the website if it is not open a Work Order.

In Web development client should be very specific about the product you requested the company will develop, in many cases, depending on product complexity CyberGlobalNet prepare a preliminary plan that includes an analysis of the system, this first draft must be paid by the customer prior to processing. If the first draft is accepted, having been discussed, analyzed and refined, we will proceed to the development of the Work Order, under the working characteristics and system designated for a website.

CyberGlobalNet hires people in different geographic locations, within their abilities and skills, but this is a bar to the customer in the process of setting up your site or Web development, you can not avert the need for direct communication with the technical staff of design or development, are only Sales Executives, Management Technical or Commercial Area, which will address each of your requirements by email.

On your Personal Information we collect on the site CyberGlobalNet:
CyberGlobalNet is the sole owner of the information collected on its website. We will not sell or rent this information or share it in ways different from what is presented in this statement. IP numbers and Cookies (files that need each computer to gather information) are firmly committed to customer privacy. We use your IP address simply to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Web site. Your IP address is used to help identify your shopping cart and to gather demographic and geographic information. We use cookies to keep track of your shopping cart and for other purposes such as to personalize the site, we have other hidden purposes. If you set your browser to reject cookies you may still use the site or other sites owned by CyberGlobalNet, however, the site will not be able to recognize your shopping cart or geographical location, your own, or any other customization.
Address Information: Our site uses various forms for requesting information. We collect your contact information, including, but not limited to, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, IP of where it operates, date and time of the transaction and financial information (the latter is not recorded in our records and only interacts with the server credit card processing (Gateway). The information obtained is used for the sole benefit of CyberGlobalNet, or to send information to customers about orders, offers or promotions of our company. This information is also used for billing and to contact you when necessary. Purchasing processes are performed within our sites or other secure Web sites with whom the company has agreements and enjoying SSL certificates, so that none of the information is exposed, it is safe for our customers into consideration encryption which information travels (Minimum 128 bits).
CyberGlobalNet meets all the requirements of our Gateway Operate on standards concerning the use of transactions online, by phone or face to face selling, in any records or file their customers’ financial information, or information on cards Credit, Debit, e-Checks or others that could operate commercially with clients.
Disclaimer: We can only disclose personal information when required by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on our Web site.

About Personal Information CyberGlobalNet customers:
We will not sell or rent this information or share it in ways different from what is presented in this statement. The database is unique Company internal use CyberGlobalNet, are firmly committed to customer privacy and use for promotional purposes is used only to products of the company or its affiliated companies. Any promotional type communication, compliant bulk mail that allows the recipient of the e-e, the power to request its removal from the list used for this purpose.
Communications concerning communications, service expiration warnings, maintenance, scheduling of service issues and others relating to the need for communication between the company and its customer, can not be considered spam if not take the option to end their low.

Rights and obligations of our clients on copyright:
The copyright owners are the photographs and texts of those who produce them.
CyberGlobalNet provides neither provide, photographs, videos or texts to any particular customer or in general, the entire contents of the client’s Web sites are the sole and absolute responsibility of the customer, downright delimiting liability on the company CyberGlobalNet copyright.

All content material for the site of a client must be handed to the company for it CyberGlobalNet publish them on the Web site of the customer, understands material is copyright surrogates, purchased by the customer or are your own production and authorship, so CyberGlobalNet not responsible for material that does not enjoy the respective copyright or his mention of property, this is the sole responsibility of the customer, who will respond directly to / or who claim it. Any copyright action should be addressed to CyberGlobalNet client and not to the company CyberGlobalNet, so we covered in this statement constitute only implementers of client requests without the express check author rights each content, delimiting any copyright liability.

Disclaimer: We can only disclose personal information when required by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process, we will not provide information to simple request, unless there is a formal requirement justified CyberGlobalNet considers appropriate, regarding the authorship of any published material.

Policies on use of software that implements CyberGlobalNet:
CyberGlobalNet for use in developing their Web sites and platforms that produces and develops management systems open source content built with PHP (which is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor – originally PHP Tools, or Personal Home Page Tools), also used CMS (Content Manager System – Systems Content Management Systems) like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, Ushahidi and others, as well as jQuery, MooTools and others, both licensed MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a license GPL (General Public License for its acronym in English) or its acronym GNU, the latter is a license created by the Free Software Foundation (Free Software Foundation) aimed primarily at protecting the free distribution, modification and use of software. Its purpose is to declare that the software covered by this license is free software and protect it from attempts to take that restrict those freedoms to users. We submit to the terms and conditions governing the Foundation open source and use of its contents. All property and authorship rights duly registered or mentioned by the authors, are respected and complied with by CyberGlobalNet, for all who work in-house or external to the company and customers in their tacit acceptance of this statement, they have to respect these rules and other predefined by CyberGlobalNet for the use and dissemination of published platforms, in the context of respect ethical standards implements free software.

Take note of the products that are non-refundable.
Domain Registration: NOT refundable. Since domain names are registered for a minimum period of 1 year, they are not refundable. If the customer registered an incorrect domain name for some legal or personal aspect and wishes to null the domain, you have two choices, keep it until it expires its term and eventually ask for the activation of “Whois Privacy – Privacy User” or otherwise contacting a domain auction company to trance by registering your domain.
Web Hosting: NOT refundable.
Web design and development by contract that is NOT paid by Internet: NOT refundable.
Design or Web Development Internet bought and paid for by Credit Card: NOT REFUNDABLE.
Maintenance Services: NOT refundable.
Community Management Service: NOT refundable. Since the customer acknowledges that a community management service has to be paid for a minimum of 1 year, the customer can not request a refund.

Digital Marketing Services: NOT refundable.

Web hosting with 3rd parties (Liquid Web): Refunds should be requested on their end, since we do no handle payments made through them, we only refer.

Support Services: NOT refundable.
Purchased online promotional packages that include Design, Hosting and Domain: In these cases the rule applies to more favorable to the company, depending on the components that have the package and promotion features, is subject to policies applicable to each case and can apply different rules depending on the components of the product, can become NOT refundable in most cases.

CyberGlobalNet not make any refund once a team has been removed from the shop or office where the customer is acquired. All equipment is tested and duly reviewed by the customer after purchase, delimiting a CyberGlobalNet from liability in the event that your computer does not meet your expectations or requirements that the client may have had and that is not satisfied.

Once the client has been removed from our premises equipment, means tacit acceptance to the rules set out in this statement and run the manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, depending on what signals our list of prices and features, we make no warranty ballot but if done sales record marking the date of the sale and that will be used for purposes of establishing the validity of the warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers only manufacturing defects, the procedure in this case for a possible change of equipment is subject to review by our RMA Department (Return Merchandise Authorization) who must issue the appropriate authorization for exchange or refund if you the company has no similar equipment for immediate delivery. The RMA department can take up to 72 hours for your answer.
If the customer wants similar equipment is not available in stores, the company may issue a credit note within redeemable when the equipment is available. Credit notes no interest of any kind.

If a team offers options among its features as it can connect to the Internet via a telephone modem, a 3G, 3.75G, 4G, DSL, ADSL, etc.., Or is compatible with some applications but in practice telephony companies, Internet or application developers do not have or take their compatibility with the computer, it is the responsibility of CyberGlobalNet and the client can not make any claim on this account, or ask for refund or exchange of a team claiming that difficulty.

By accepting this Terms & Conditions on any platform inside or outside (meaning a subdomain) the domain you acknowledge that we have the full right to use them in disputes or anything that goes against us.

Nov. 08, 2019
Terms used:
The company: CyberGlobalNet
The, the customer or: who buy the product or service contracts.
Customers: Group of people referred hire purchase the product or service.