Web Domain Names

Sandra P

A domain name is the address used to access a website on the internet. For example, in “,” “” is the domain name.

Domain names consist of two main parts: the name itself (e.g., “example”) and the domain extension (e.g., “.com”). Choosing the right domain name is important as it should be easy to remember and relate to your website’s purpose or business.

Some common domain extensions include:

  • .com: for commercial businesses
  • .org: for non-profit organizations
  • .net: originally for networking companies but now used more generally
  • .edu: for educational institutions
  • .gov: for government entities

In addition to these, there are many other domain extensions such as .io, .co, .info, among others, which may have specific meanings or be related to certain areas or industries. It’s important to choose a relevant and easy-to-remember domain name so that users can find your website easily.