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Google's Pixel 4 Takes a Shaky First Step Into the Future

googlepixel 4Every phone wants to be the future—it's good business. Create a feature everyone wants, and you become the Next Hot Thing.
With the Pixel 4, Google tried to take a few steps into the future. It's a phone that can sense as you approach, then unlocks itself with just your face, and then lets you navigate its super-smooth 90hz display with just a wave of your hand while you watch videos that are live-captioned in real time. It's impressive how much newness is packed inside here.
But in its rush to push things forward, the Pixel 4 fumbled a few smartphone basics which keeps Google's latest $800 phone from being the best money can buy.
Where Apple and Samsung treat their smartphones like they're precious gifts from the gods, Google isn't afraid to have some fun with color. This year it's the Pixel 4's limited edition Oh So Orange color palette. It's eye-popping, unexpected, and you won't see another phone like it, which is kind of the point.