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Maybe the Galaxy Fold Should Have Used This Foldable Battery

MaybeToday, Samsung re-released the Galaxy Fold re-release, a "foldable" smartphone that failed to launch this past spring due to a variety of issues that basically killed the phone.
But despite its name, the Fold has many non-foldable parts, like chips, circuit boards, and, most importantly, the lithium-ion battery—the component powering the whole show. But researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland may have a solution, or at least, a hint at the right direction: the world's first foldable lithium ion batteries.
The group of Swiss researchers, led by Markus Niederberger, professor for multifunctional materials at ETH Zurich, claim to have built the world's first foldable lithium ion battery that can be bent, stretched, and twisted, sort of resembling the properties of electrical tape.