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Today’s the Day to Upgrade Your Internet With This Netgear Sale

UpgradeYou may invest in top-of-the-line tech like smart TVs, laptops, and smartphones with the fastest performance, but these latest features hardly matter if your networking hardware is out of date. Today may be the best day to finally upgrade that old Wi-Fi router or cable modem thanks to Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Netgear devices up to 40 percent off.
One of our favorite products is Netgear’s Nighthawk smart Wi-Fi routers and cable modems. If you’re one of the few who haven’t switched entirely over to streaming subscriptions, the cable modems are compatible with all cable providers and range for cable plans from 300 mbps for $50 to 1 gigabit plans at $125. For gamers, there are gaming-friendly Nighthawk routers that will provide faster speeds and reduce lagging when playing online games. One Nighthawk Pro router even comes with the Division 2 game for 40 percent off or $100 off.
If you don’t need a router or modem specifically for cable or gaming, we recommend the Netgear Orbi Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi system. The router provides coverage for over 2,000 square feet and is now just under $90. For larger homes up to 5,000 square feet that are difficult to get even coverage between certain rooms and floors, go with the whole-home system with a router and two wall-plug extenders to reach to your second floor or basement.
Even if you don’t want to upgrade your entire home networking system, there are options here that are compatible to elevate and extend your internet coverage, such as the Netgear Powerline kit with a Wi-Fi extender. Check out all of your home networking options on sale at Amazon below to score the best deal for your connectivity needs.