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This PlayStation Alarm Clock Is the Motivation You Need in the Morning

playstation alarm clock 1560437114If you’re the type of gamer who stays up late playing the new Trover Saves the Universe and then dreams about hitting the console the next day, then this awesome alarm clock from PlayStation may just be the motivation you need to get up in the morning!
For $31.99, you can this digital alarm clock shaped like a PlayStation 4 controller to get one step closer to living in virtual reality, while also making it to work on time. This USB-powered digital alarm clock has got a reverse LED screen with a backlight and makes classic alarm trills, if you hate the sound of your smartphone’s alarm.
Back in the day, you used to wake up and hit the PlayStation immediately. Straight on Crash Bandicoot, or Resi 2. Now you can literally hit the PlayStation when you arise. Because it woke you up. 
Well, technically you’ll be hitting the controller, not the console itself. But the concept remains the same. 
In case you hadn’t already gathered, this is an alarm clock in the design of a PlayStation controller. What a sick gift for gamers, or even just someone who longs for the trill of an authentic alarm clock rather than their iPhone’s ‘radar’. 
We’re not about to put style over substance, though. This thing is USB powered (cable included), has a reverse LED screen with a backlight and makes classic beeping alarm sounds. Truly a digital alarm clock for the ages.

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