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Amazon Echo Show Hidden Features & Tips Guide

1661979787 amazon echo show 2nd gen 1661979778Amazon’s Echo Show is an Alexa smart speaker with a touchscreen that, as the name implies, shows you visual info at a glance. This smart display provides a new layer of assistance, whether that’s by pulling up the weekly weather forecast or the countdown of a timer. But these tablet-like devices can do much more than they let on. A built-in camera helps you do things like take video calls from services like Zoom and scan item barcodes. Plus the screen can be used to watch everything from the latest TV shows and movies to a live video feed from the cameras around your home. And when you aren’t actively using an Echo Show, its crisp display serves as an excellent digital photo frame.
Echo Show 8

After testing each model of the Echo Show for our smart home hub roundup, I find the Echo Show 8 to be the best smart display for most people. It provides a large display, crisp 13-megapixel camera, and booming sound for under $100. While the motorized Echo Show 10 can pan and rotate its display around a room, this feature and an added two inches of screen aren't worth the massive price jump to $250. For that price, the Echo Show 15 is a worthy alternative that offers exclusive screen widgets on a significantly bigger display.

Some people are naturally going to be turned off by the idea of putting an internet-connected camera and microphone into their home and the subsequent fears that it's always eavesdropping. We'll note that Amazon built camera covers and microphone mute buttons directly onto the device. Alexa’s always-on audio doesn't start a recording until you use its wake word to kick off a request. This audio data is sent over the internet to be processed on secure servers. You can access all recordings and erase them from the Alexa Privacy settings in the app. And if you really want to prevent Amazon from tracking activity, you can prevent future recordings from being logged by going to the "Choose How Long to Save Recordings" submenu and selecting the "Never" option.

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