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iPhone Hack To Stop People Prying On Your Messages Revealed

IPHOTAre you sick and tired of your pals or strangers on public transport peering over at your messages? We have a simple iPhone hack for you. 
It’s ruddy annoying, isn’t it? You’re sitting on the train or bus, minding your own business, and a nearby person’s wandering eye glances at your messages as you come in. It’s not that you’re hiding something, but it just puts you on edge. Similarly, you could be sitting on the couch with your mates and they’ll mindlessly look at your phone.
Fortunately, iPhones are nifty bits of kit, so there’s a way you can preserve your privacy without having to stay off your phone – that would be too far, of course.
As shared by @ambre_skye on TikTok, who regularly racks up millions of views with her iPhone tips and tricks, it’s actually relatively simple to keep your lock screen free of notifications – so if you leave your phone sitting, others won’t be able to see your new messages at all.
All you need to do is go to your phone’s settings, then Face ID & Passcode – at which point you’ll need to put in your passcode again – scroll down and turn off Control Centre and/or Notification Centre. ‘Now, no-one can snoop your phone from the lock screen,’ the caption reads. Bear in mind, this keeps you from using the Control Centre, obviously.
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