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The 11 Best AirPods Accessories to Buy Right Now

pop airpod accessories 1633978950Now that you've invested in a new pair of AirPods, you get to choose a lineup of accessories to keep your pods safe, always-charged, and in your ears rather than on the ground. From cases and charging docks to neck straps and foam tips, there's a slew of options on the market, though not all deliver the quality and performance you'll want for a purchase that cost you a couple hundred bucks.
Read on for the best AirPods accessories worth considering, plus shopping advice and tips to keep your pods in tip-top shape.
What to Consider
You could easily spend a week’s salary on accessories for your AirPods. To cover the basics, you’ll definitely need a case, there’s everything from basic silicone to leather charging cases to choose from. For comfort, a tighter fit, and better noise-cancelling and audio quality, you’ll likely want a pair of memory-foam tips and ear hook covers to prevent your AirPods from falling out. Take it one step further and buy a neck strap, which is particularly useful to wear during workouts.
A charging dock is another essential, and choices range from portable chargers that plug directly into your laptop’s USB-C port to charging pads for your nightstand that juice-up multiple devices. Unfortunately, there’s no device out there that’ll automatically clean your AirPods for you, so here’s some guidance on keeping them gunk-free.
How We Chose
All of the AirPods accessories we cover have an average customer rating of at least four stars, and many of our picks are rated 4.5 stars or higher. Our selection features a range of essential high-quality, popular accessories from top brands, including cases across multiple price points and must-haves for $10 or less that make your AirPods fit better and more comfortable to wear, plus prevent them from popping out of your ears.

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OCT 13, 2021