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Twitch Streamer ‘Squid Game’ Says She Was Banned From Instagram

ImagenInstagram reportedly ‘banned’ a Twitch streamer for being called ‘Squid Game’ on the platform.
Since 2012, Lydia Ellery had been using the handle ‘@squidgame’ on Instagram, however, she claims she was temporarily banned from using her account.
Ellery believes the social media site removed her account due to the popularity of the new South Korean hit series, which even saw Netflix sued as a result of the traffic surge to watch it.
The Twitch streamer lost access to her Instagram on Friday, which she had previously been posting on since November 2012.
Ellery took to Twitter after finding that she couldn’t access her account, questioning whether people had been ‘trying to log into’ her account, or ‘reporting it’ due to the series. ‘Very not cool,’ she said.
It has been known for users to try and force an account to be banned on the app by a flood of people taking to reporting it. It is hoped in doing so that the platform’s automated banning algorithm will subsequently be triggered, but it has not been proven to actually work, Business Insider reports.
Ellery is a popular name on Twitch, having amassed 42,300 followers. She is also a member of the platform’s Partnership Program and another streaming collective Yogscast, which has more than seven million subscribers on YouTube.
According to her tweets, Ellery applied for the ban to be reviewed on October 8, but had to ‘wait 24 hours’ for Instagram to decide whether to revoke the change or keep it instated.
‘Where is my article about Squid Game ruining my life. I will take big checks for this,’ she said.
Ellery has since had her account reinstated, updating followers on October 9 that it had been unbanned. She thanked followers for ‘all the retweets, Reddit comments and for tagging Instagram’.
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BY : POPPY BILDERBECK ON : 12 OCT 2021 11:45